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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are we located?

Lake Land College in Mattoon, Illinois

Do you have to be sponsored by a John Deere dealer to be in this program? 

Yes- all students must be sponsored by a John Deere dealer to attend our program.

How much does it cost?

The program costs less than $12,500 TOTAL for five semesters

Will this apply to my degree?

Yes upon completion you will received an Associate’s in applied Science.

Can I start this program mid year?

No, our program class structure doesnt allow a student to start mid semester.

Is this a hands on program?

Yes, students will have both classroom and hands on lab classes.

Are their any certificates I will get upon graduating this program?

Yes, you will be certified in John Deere Level 3 classes such as Electrical, hydraulics, service advisor, air conditioning, and engines.  Also will certify in measuring tools through snap on.

Are there any internships?

Yes- 20 weeks of our program is broken up across three semesters. Best of all they are paid internships.

If I don't live in the district do I pay out of district tuition?

No, we do have a way for an out of district student to not have to pay out of district pricing. See a a John Deere tech instructor for more details.

Do I need tools for classes at school? 

No- Tools will be provided at school for labs.

What can I expect to make upon graduating this program?

Every student and dealership is different.  It is important to talk to your sponsoring dealer about potential income.

Are there places to live near campus? 

Yes, we have put together a list of apartments or houses previous students have stayed and recommended.

Click here for our housing contact list.

Do I have to enroll at Lake Land College to attend

Yes- By clicking the link here and clicking on “new users – create account” you will fill out basic information and that will create your Lake Land College account. If you are planning to do a campus visit, we can take care of the enrollment on campus.

What do you need to bring for class?

What you need to bring each day, your dealership issued uniform, work boots, safety glasses, pocket flashlight, pocket ruler, and Fluke 88v Fluke meter.

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