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Our program understands the benefit of on job training. That’s why we take what you have learned after your first year and send you to the dealership to work, learn, get college credit, and best of all make money. Twenty weeks of our program is dedicated to paid internships or “supervised occupational experience”. The internship is broken up over your last three semesters with us. It starts last half of the summer semester and continues right into the first eight weeks of fall semester. Then your last eight weeks of your last spring semester is spent at the dealership for planting season. This internship allows students to practice and utilize the skills and knowledge learned from class.

Top John Deere Programs

    Tillage & Seeding Equipment

    Electrical Systems

    Combine Production

    Engine Systems

    Hydraulic Systems

    Air Conditioning

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Electrical Systems

John Deere Tillage and Seeding Equipment

Students will learn the theory and principals of operation, setup, adjustment, and troubleshooting repair items found during an inspection of Tillage and Planting equipment. This class is very lab focused. You can expect to see a John Deere planter in class which we will use to take a deep dive into how we get seed from a bag to growing crop in the field. We will use cutting edge technology like planter simulator and precision meter stand to help students understand key planter systems.

John Deere Electrical Systems

One of John Deere core classes, Electrical system class will turn the most novice person to a skilled electrician. In electrical one class you will learn basic electrical principles and application of electrical systems and safe use of its electrical test meters. Electrical systems I class will examine the principles of operation, testing and repair of ignition systems, cranking systems, and charging systems. Then move on to Electrical II class to take a deep dive into the CAN – BUS electrical system. Learning to properly test and diagnosis electrical failures on equipment. Upon completion of this course, students will be able to properly use service equipment to diagnose electronically controlled components and monitors used on tractors, planters, sprayers, and harvesting equipment. 

John Deere Combine Production

This course goes over the theory and principles of operation of the John Deere Combine and Header equipment. Much of this class is lab oriented and a student will leave this class being able to successfully identify major combine components, drive systems, Pre delivery adjustments, common inspection points, and the latest in John Deere Harvesting technology. Through dealership partners we will have combines for labs to inspect and do repair work on.

John Deere Engines Systems 

This course is an introduction to John Deere diesel engine systems. This lab oriented class will take a deep dive into theory of operation of diesel engines and their internal components. Students will be expected to tear an engine down to block and reassemble. At the end of the course we will run these engines testing the student’s ability to use service advisor and work on their own to rebuild and engine.


John Deere Hydraulic Systems

This class will introduce students to the theory, fluid flow, and testing of John Deere hydraulic systems as well as a variety of new, used, and cutaway components. Students will get experienceperforming diagnostics on tractors, combines, skid loaders, and turf equipment. Hydrostatic drives will also be discussed as they are used on combines, sprayers, and turf equipment.


John Deere Air Conditioning

This course covers the theory of a refrigeration system as well as the electrical system that is used to control it. Students will experience the operation of a variety of special air conditioning tools that are required by the EPA for environmental and safety concerns. Proper service procedures will be used to reclaim, recycle, and recharge refrigeration systems. Heating systems will also be covered.

Engine System
Hydraulic System
AC Systems
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